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1995 by Rick Jones
Reproduced by Permission

Table of Contents

Who is The Final Authority?

Roman Catholic Doctrines Examined Through Scripture

01 Salvation Through The Catholic Church?
02 Salvation Through Good Works (Merits) 
03 Can the Catholic Church Forgives Sins?
04 The One True Church?
05 Water Baptism Saves?
06 The Pope: The Vicar of Christ?
07 The Office of Pope is Infallible?
08 Can The Catholic Sacraments Save?
09 The Sin of Presumption
10 Infant Water Baptism
11 Degrees of Sin?
12 Transubstantiation
13 The Eucharist: Preserves from Sin?
14 The Eucharist: Helps the Dead?
15 The Virgin Mary Saves?
16 The Virgin Mary was Saved from Birth?
17 The Virgin Mary a Perpetual Virgin?
18 The Virgin Mary a Source of Holiness?
19 The Virgin Mary is Our Intercessor?
20 The Virgin Mary is our Recipient of Prayers?
21 The Virgin Mary is Queen of All ?
22 The Catholic Mass
23 Purgatory
24 Praying to Saints
25 Praying for the Dead
26 Statues and Idols
27 Confirmation
28 Confessing Sins to a Priest?
29 Indulgences
30 Interpreting God' s Word for Yourself
31 Catholic Prayers
32 Penance
33 Are Catholics Little Christs?
34 Can Millions of Catholics be Wrong?
35 Reconciliation to Church?
36 Celibacy?
37 The Last Rites
38 The Confusion of Catholicism
39 An Invitation to Free Salvation
40 God' s Plea to Leave Rome
41 Choose Liberty over Bondage