102 Scientific Facts of The Bible


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The Evolution Cruncher

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Introduction: Scientists Speak about Evolution  Statements by Non-Creationist Scientists

History of Evolutionary Theory           How modern science got into this problem.

2  Big Bang and Stellar Evolution     Why the Big Bang is a fizzle and stars cannot evolve out of gas.

Origin of the Earth        Why the Earth did not evolve out of a molten state.

Age of the Earth              Why the Earth is not millions of years old.

5  Problem of Time           Why long ages cannot produce evolutionary change.

Inaccurate Dating Methods     Why the non-historical dating techniques are unreliable.

Primitive Environment    Why raw materials on earth cannot produce life.

DNA and Protein          Why DNA and protein could not be produced by random chance.

Natural Selection        Why natural selection only makes changes within species.

10  Mutations                    Why mutations cannot produce cross-species change.

11  Animal and Plant Species    Why the species barrier cannot be broken.

12  Fossils and Strata      Why the fossil/strata theory is a hoax.

13  Ancient Man               Why there is no evidence humans have evolved from anything.

14  Effects of the Flood          What actually happened after the Flood.

15  Similarities and Divergence    Why similar structures are not an evidence of evolution.

16  Vestiges and Recapitulation     No useless or unnecessary structures inherited from earlier life-forms.

17  Evolutionary Showcase      The best examples of evolution have proven worthless.

18  Laws of Nature      The laws of nature oppose Evolutionary theories.

19  Evolution, Morality, and Violence   Evolutionary theory is ruining modern civilization.

20  Tectonics and Paleomagnetism   The truth about Plate Tectonics and Paleomagnetism.

21  Archaeological Dating       Egyptian, and other dates, Correlate Archaeological finds with the Bible.

22  Evolutionary Science Fiction      Adult Fairy Tales only children could believe. 

23  Scientists Speak           Evolutionary Scientists say Evolution is Unscientific and Useless.

24  Utterly Impossible         Things Evolution could never invent.